Daniel Filan

About me

I'm currently a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley being supervised by Stuart Russell. I do ML research relevant to ensuring that future artifical intelligences who may be much smarter than us behave in a safe way. Discussions of problems in this area are available here, here, and here.

I also have a podcast about this field of research. It's called AXRP, which is short for the AI X-risk Research Podcast. You can listen to episodes on Google podcasts, or by searching "AXRP" in your favourite podcast app. Alteratively, you can read transcripts here.

I did my undergrad at the Australian National University, studying the theory of reinforcement learning, mathematics, and theoretical physics. I did my honours year (similar to a research master's degree lasting one year) under Marcus Hutter; you can read my thesis "Resource-bounded Complexity-based Priors for Agents" here.

I'm interested in effective altruism, how we can use our limited resources to do the most good in the world. I also sometimes bet on things, for reasons described by Bryan Caplan and Immanuel Kant.